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12 Pcs Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels


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    The artificial peanut leaf panel will make your walls and fences become eye-catching decorations. This PE artificial plant mat with SGS certification is non-toxic and UV resistant, so it can keep fresh appearance all year round.?

    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels



    • High-density Peanut Leaf?Panel:?It is worth mentioning that 12 tiles?of 20" x 20"(32.3 square feet) artificial hedge panels feature?a height of 1.5"?and 4 layers of leaves?for a more lush and realistic appearance.?By strategically placing artificial fences in areas that may be exposed, you can decorate your house while ensuring personal privacy.
    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels
    • Long-lasting?and?Bright?Color:?Thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship, the bright green color makes this artificial lawn look like real?and?vibrant peanut leaves.?Additionally, it features UV protection therefore it?will?keep bright color for a long time?to?provide you with the authenticity of greenery.
    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels
    • Premium Material for Long-lasting Use:?100%?New PE of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for great durability, so the artificial hedges will?not fade easily even in harsh outdoor environments?and the durable base will not break easily even when rolled up.?More importantly, the artificial panels are SGS certified,?which is non-toxic?and absolutely safe?to use.
    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels
    • Great?for?Indoor?and?Outdoor?Decoration:?The artificial peanut leaf panel?enables to?help you create a private personal space indoors or outdoors. In the?public,?it can also become a charming decoration?to attract more attention.?For example, it can be served?as a wedding background wall or as a good decoration in a restaurant to create a sense of nature.
    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels
    • Easy to Install and Convenient to Maintain:?With a clear user?manual and the necessary tools, you don't have to worry about installation difficulties.?The snap locks design?is committed to?interlocking the tile panels.?Meanwhile, you can cut shape of them to fit any space. Besides, the attached 40 zip ties?help?fasten the panels to a fence?conveniently.
    Bestoutdor Artificial Wall Hedge Grass Wall Panels



    • Color: Green
    • Material: PE
    • Product dimension: 20" x 20" x 1.5"
    • Net weight: 13 lbs


    Package Includes

    • 12 x Artificial peanut leaf panels
    • 1 x Instruction